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Keeping Lunchtimes Safe and Happy

The lunchtime session is the most unstructured time of a school day and the cause of many anxieties and concerns for both children and adults. How well the children are managed at lunchtime will have a direct impact on learning for the afternoon. The expectation that all children will use unstructured time well and creatively is sometimes unrealistic and some children still require structure. We will consider what is realistic for your team with your children and space. In this training we will look at the roles and responsibilities of the Midday Team and consider the most important rules and routines but in a framework of praise, support and positive relationships. Midday teams have limited time to do their work and little time to discuss an agree approach and ethos to managing lunchtimes and individual children. Sometimes adult reactions can escalate situations due to lack of understanding of the child’s needs and the careful approaches needed. The midday teams want to be seen to be in control and can sometimes feel pressured to make decisions against their better instincts.

Participants will:

  • Learn why children react to situations and adults in different ways.

  • How to have a positive effect on calming children down and managing challenging behaviour better. Consider what strategies your team has to encourage and reward positive behaviour.

  • Consider the communication strategies in place in your team and with the teaching staff.

  • Learn about the feelings associated with personal space and how we communicate calm with positive body language.


Your school or chosen venue

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