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Team Teach

I am an Advanced Senior tutor in Team Teach Positive Handling.

I have been leading these courses since 2008 and many hundreds of school and care staff have benefited from my experience and honest approach, and continue to do so.  My feedback is always excellent. I can lead a course in mainstream schools, Special schools, PRUs and Care Settings. I deliver both level 1 and level 2 courses on a regular basis.  


Courses are delivered at your schools or service setting in days or in twilights. Each course is bespoke to the needs of the individual school or service. 

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The Course

Team Teach is an accredited comprehensive course for staff working with distress behaviour  in any role. The physical techniques taught are a minimal part of the course and range with consideration for age, size and learning needs. Only appropriate techniques to the setting are taught.

The strength of the course is in emphasing de escalation, discussing shared values and challenging expectations.


The basic Team Teach course is 6 hours and has an emphasis on de-escalation.

The course covers:

  • Understanding why children are aggressive

  • What the current Law and the Guidance says and about staff staying safe

  • De-escalation techniques and personal awareness

  • Physical techniques in escorts, guides and steer aways.

  • Recording, reporting and policies.  


The aim of the course is to reduce risks and the need for positive handling. It does this by supporting staff to be more confident and competent to manage situations better. Positive and caring relationships are the key element. Team Teach is Accredited and Nationally recognised as best practice for Education and Care settings.


"..through the promotion of de-escalation strategies and the reduction of risk, restraint and restriction, to support teaching, learning and caring, by increasing staff confidence and competence, in responding to behaviours that challenge, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships. Positive Behavioural Support  approaches are entirely compatible with Team-Teach "


George Matthews (founder of Team Teach) 

basic 6 hour course £70 per person ( accreditation lasts 3 years) 


Foundation 12 hour course £120 per person ( accreditation lasts 2 years) 

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