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In Class observation, support and advice 

For schools and staff with very challenging children and young people in class or around the school. Minimum half day in school observation of the behaviours and current strategies. Discussions with the relevant people in school in order to get a full picture of the child's needs in class and during the day.

Suggestions and advice offered to improve the situation for the child and others. Verbal feedback and advice given followed by a detailed written report detailing the facts of the observation and actions suggested based on outcomes which can be linked to the EHCP format. Reports are emailed to the Headteacher within one week. 



Half day in school support with detailed report and recommendations £300. 

Learning Walk focused on Behaviour, Ethos and Relationships 

Commissioned by the schools Leadership team. The Learning walk / audit  looks at areas of the Ofsted (Or Estyn)  framework around engagement, well being and positive learning behaviour. It supports the schools development plan and self review from an external source. Short lesson observations are made to all classes and evidence will be collated under headings. Looking at engagement ; pace of lessons, positive learning environment, active learning and positive relationships. Unstructured time is also observed and children's attitude and conduct around the building. Evidence is noted and a detailed report made with recommendations for any development areas.

Verbal feedback to SLT on the day.

Half day learning walk with detailed report  £300. 
Full day learning walk with detailed report £450 
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