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I have a full enhanced CRB 

I have full public liability insurance

I am responsible for paying my own tax and tax registered


My specialism is around aggressive and volatile children of all ages. In part about understanding the reasons for the behaviour in order to improve it, but also about empowering the adults to be more considered in their responses and strategies. 


I have an approachable style of consultancy and support. I listen and try to understand and ask relevant questions to allow the best people to find the best solutions. I believe in empowering people to know that they can make changes for the better. I am not afraid of asking challenging questions if it is in the best interest of the child. I always remain calm and honest as I feel that creates the best outcomes. 


I do support NQTs in behaviour management through observation and mentoring. I am always honest after asking if that is ok but I ensure that the process for improvements is thorough and focussed. Summary action plans are written after every support session. 


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