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I am New at Supporting Tricky Kids – What do I need to know ?!

The expectation to manage a small group of children or an individual can be daunting. Sometimes children behave in ways which are rude and aggressive and test the adults to manage them. It can leave the adult feeling low about their effectiveness.

This training is for teaching assistants who want to develop their understanding about why children sometimes behave unpredictably. It will give ideas on how to manage children’s behaviour and support them more effectively with learning in the classroom. There will be a basic input on specific leaning needs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attachment Disorder in order for delegates to discuss and understand how some approaches will work more effectively. They will have the opportunity to share thoughts and experience with others.

With better understanding they can begin to increase their own confidence and adapt their approaches and strategies to engage children more effectively. The course will also cover documentation and what should be noted by staff and why, to increase confidence and improve behaviour.

Participants will:

  • Consider adult expectations of children and challenge what is realistic.

  • Have the opportunity to discuss their own feelings and strategies to manage behaviour.

  • Take away ideas to support their work in schools.

  • Discuss specific issues they have with individual children.

  • Develop an understanding of their own adult behaviour and the impact this can have on the children they are supporting.

  • Consider individual emotional resilience and the ability to remain calm.


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